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Buy your horse : a web site dedicated to the regulations relative to the purchase and the sale of horses.


National Association of Selle Français  : A non-profit organization representing the race Selle Français with the participants and the interlocutors of the equine world as well as every interested public.



Cavalescence : These sales allow the breeders to come collectively to the meeting of the riders, the latter so avoiding " running the countryside " to have of the choice and find the frame which suits them.



Council of Horses of Basse-Normandie  : Its mission is to federate and to represent the low-Norman equine network in all its dimensions.



Council of Horses of Haute-Normandie  : Fruit of a will of the actors of the world of the horse to group together, on the Haute-Normandie, any confused sectors, so that the union brings to their projects the strength of the coherence.



French Federation of Equitation (FFE) : Through the clubs which are her members, the statutory missions of the FFE concern the delivery of licenses, the organization of the trainings and the delivery of federal diplomas, the elaboration of the sports payments and the High Level in the various equestrian disciplines.



National Federation of Horse : Its fundamental mission is to federate, to represent and to defend the breeders of Equidae, the diversified and user farmers who compose it.



The Fund of Encouragement to the Regional or national Equestrian Projects »

(EPERON in French) : Structure bringing a financial support for the innovative and structuring projects, thanks to a taking on the stakes on horse races.



National Equestrian Groupement (GHN in French) : Professional organization grouping more than 4 000 members stemming from professionals of the equestrian world. The GHN transmits to his members all the legal, fiscal and social information applicable to their professional activity.


French Institute of Horse and Equitation : In the service of all the actors of the territorial development of the horse network.



French Equestrian Society  : Collect all the actors of the production, the valuation and the marketing of the young horses and the sporting ponies.



National Union Interprofessionnal of Horse (UNIC in french) : A non-profit association assuring the promotion of the French industry of the horse, all around the world. UNIC play a role of mediator to favor the relevant connections between the French market and the international investors.



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