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Distribution networks

Pattern of sales

For any futur use, nearly a quarter of the horses is directly acquired with the breeders, or :


  • More than 50 % of the horses of competition of races Selle Français (SF *), Anglo-Arab (AA *), Riding horse (CS *)
  • 42 % of the horses for professional competition


For any futur use, a quarter of the horses is acquired through a trader or through a professional rider. One third of the horses for competition is sold this way.




Main suppliers of horses intended for a sport use or for leisure, riding schools take part on average in 15 % of the transactions, no matter what the futur use is.


Finally, more than a third of the horses is sold, without intermediary, directly by private individuals without any expertise.

It even seems to be the sellers of nearly half of the horses acquired for outdoor riding.




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