la C.S.C.C.F Buying, selling horses and ponies - Chambre Syndicale du Commerce des Chevaux de France


The Syndicate, a guarantee

The expertise of a professional

You want to buy:

  • A horse for sporting purposes of for leisure?
  • A Grand Prix or an amateur’s level horse?
  • A French or a foreign horse?





The Syndicate is here to satisfy you by making you benefit from advices and skills from real professionals

  • Committed in a responsible approach
  • Committed in an appropriate and a quality business

A network of traders (breeders, traders, brokers, riders, etc.) located throughout the French territory, the Syndicate will assure you to:

  • Benefit from advices and the expertise of real professionals
  • Safely find the horse you are dreaming about
  • Try your future horse in an adapted structure
  • Benefit from a large choice


Going through the Syndicate is:

  • Being able to access the services of experts’ committee to accompany your approach
  • Being able to demand the signature of a contract and an invoice
  • Being able to ask for a gathering sale’s event to try in a same place horses selected for you according to your criteria (prices, orientation, etc.)
  • Benefitting from guarantees and an after-sales service


We hope to see you on the online catalog to find your future partner.

C.S.C.C.F - 12 avenue de la République - 41600 Lamotte-Beuvron - Tél. 05 49 46 82 25 - Fax. 05 49 55 49 31